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Founded by Louis XIV in 1669, the Palais Garnier is housing the Paris Opera. It was designed by Charles Garnier and it still stands out as the ultimate symbol of the 19th century baroque style.
The construction of the opera started in 1862, and was completed at 1875; this was due an underground lake that was discovered while the excavations took place.
The small lake still exists under the opera building. In Paul Leroux's famous play, 'Phantom of the Opera' in which it was used as the hiding place of the Phantom.

Nowadays, the majestic Opéra Garnier is mainly used for ballet performances. The Palais Garnier is one of the largest theatres worldwide along with being one of the most beautiful and worth visiting.
Its exterior look is outstanding with a facade decorated with rose marble columns, sculpture groups and two large gilded statues.
Inside the building is even more impressive.
There is the marble Grand Staircase that has a height of 30m, a Grand Foyer 54m long, featuring a mosaic covered ceiling and numerous chandeliers. The lavish auditorium has red velvet, plaster cherubs and gold leaf.
The auditorium's incredible chandelier weighs a massive six tones. Marc Chagall painted its large ceiling in 1964. The stage is 60 meter high and has space for up to 450 actors. The interiors are so luxurious that can be easily with the luxury of Versailles.


The Opera de Paris is situated at the Place de l'Opera, in the 9th arrondissement.

Figures about the Opera:

Surface area: 11,237 m2
Length: 173 m
Maximum width: 125 m
Grand Staircase: 30 m high
Grand Foyer: 18 m high, 54 m long, 13 m wide
Auditorium: 20 m high, 32 m deep, 31 m wide
Weight of the chandelier: 6 tones
Stage: 60 m high consisting of a 45 m fly tower
Under-stage area: 15 m 27 m deep and 48.5 m wide

The Opera de Paris is one of the great historical opera houses of Europe with a strong orchestral tradition featuring a great example of theater architecture of its own century.

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