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Anyone who watches movies knows all about the international film festival held in Cannes every May. What you may not know is that Cannes is also a delightful city that is located on the French Riviera and has numerous beautiful sandy beaches, ideal for enjoying the sun and the sea.
Unfortunately, most of them are private to guests of luxurious hotels. Public beaches can be found at the west side of the Palais de Festival.
The film festival takes place at the Palais de Festival, located at the famous La Croisette. It attracts stars from all over the world, most of which are internationally known celebrities. Therefore, many journalists as well as tourists also crowd the city during the festival.

La Croisette is a wonderful promenade surrounded by palm trees that stretches between the luxurious hotels and the beach.
Outside the Palais de Festival, many stars have left their hand or foot imprint on the pavement. Around the building, you can find many expensive boutiques with unique items.
If you wish to explore the city, you should visit the Old Port (“Vieux Port”) located even more to the west. A small town named Le Suquet is located nearby towards a hill.
Also, if you take the boat, you could visit the Lerin Islands only fifteen minutes away. They are two small islands, one of which has a tiny fort and the other has an abbey.
The man who first believed that Cannes could be transformed from a quiet fishing village to a lively resort was Lord Broughham back in 1832.
Nowadays, it has been proven that his instincts were correct. The best time to visit Cannes is May - October. If you like cosmopolitan and luxurious resorts for your holiday, you will definitely have an amazing time!