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Athens airport to Athens city center transfer
Athens City Information
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The best way to start your experience of Greek culture is by visiting Athens, a vivid city, not only exceptionally charming but also one of the most affordable places in the world. Begin your tour at Plaka, an old and very picturesque district of Athens located right under the Acropolis.

You will admire the architecture of the buildings in the historic city center and try Greek specialty coffees and deserts in a small café. Afterwards, you can climb up to explore the Parthenon and some of the greatest and most important archaeological sites of all times.

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Enjoying the magnificent view of Athens city as well as that of the surrounding islands and the Peloponnesian mountains is an extra reward.
If you wish to take a stroll at the streets of ancient Athens, you should visit Agora, the location of the ancient market place.

It is a very colourful neighbourhood where you can buy local articraft items from Gypsy street vendors such as embroidery and delicate lace cloths.
While you are in the district, you can walk along Adrianou street and have dinner at one of the many trendy tourist restaurants.

If you are there in a weekend afternoon, you should visit Avisynia square and enjoy a unique experience of live music performances and people dancing in the streets. In addition, shopping options in the neighbourhood are unique and very interesting.

If you wish to do more shopping while in Athens, you can find multiple options, including up-scale foreign designers’ items, local designer shops, works of local artists and much more.

If you enjoy shopping in flea markets, you can find almost anything in the one located in Monastiraki Square. The best time to visit it is on a Sunday when it is most vibrant and the vendors will help you choose your souvenirs or even look for original antiques.

Apart from admiring the amazing ancient buildings, one of the best ways to experience ancient Greek culture and understand one of the most important ancient civilizations is visiting a museum.

The options are numerous and the standards are quite high. To name a few, the National Archaeological Museum is one of the top ten museums internationally, and the Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art is worth to visit.

One thing you certainly will enjoy in Athens is night life. Dining options vary from taverns to elegant restaurants; performances you can enjoy include theatrical plays, dance shows and live music performances of many different kinds; in addition to these you can go out in one of the numerous buzzing bars and nightclubs.

If you visit Athens in the summer, do not miss the chance to enjoy a play or a concert in one of the outstanding outdoor theatres such as the famous ancient Herod Atticus theatre.

No matter what your interests are, you will certainly have fun and enjoy your stay in Athens.

athens city guide

Athens quick sightseeing guide

Athens Popular Museums
Acropolis Museum
Athens Planetarium
Benaki Museum
Byzantine Museum
Museum of Cycladic Art
National Archaeological Museum of Athens

Athens Ancient sites
(meeting area of the ancient Athenians)
Kallimarmaro Stadium
(venue for the first modern Olympic Games)
Parthenon- Acropolis (Akropolis)
Temple of Hephaestus
Temple of Olympian Zeus
Temple of Poseidon
Theatre of Dionysos
Temple of Olympian Zeus
Parliament Building - Syntagma Square
Hadrian's Arch
Theatre of Dionysos
The United Archaeological sites

Athens Places of Interest
Lykavitos Hill
(famous hilltop and viewpoint)
National Garden

Philopappos Hill (famous hill)
Syntagma Square
(Constitution Square)
Parliament Building - Syntagma Square

Omonia Square
(popular shopping district)
(popular shopping district)
Ermou Pedestrian zone
(popular shopping district)
The Plaka
(picturesque area)
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