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Heraklion airport to Rethymnon transfer
Rethymnon Information
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Rethymnon is one of the four biggest cities in Crete (almost 25.000 inhabitants), located on the north side and almost in the middle of the island, close to the site of ancient Rithymna.

To get to Rethymnon, you can either take the boat to its port or fly to Heraklion or Chania. The distance from Chania is 60 kms and from Heraklion 78 kms. It is an ideal holiday destination, as it combines an excellent beach, a vivid nightlife and numerous choices when it comes to sightseeing. Its location is an additional advantage as it offers the opportunity to travel around the entire Crete.

The beach of Rethymnon is a very large one stretching for almost 13 kms right in front of the city and it is covered with golden, fine sand. There are many facilities available for swimmers, ranging from sun umbrellas and deck chairs for rent to equipment and instructors to assist you if you wish to practice water and beach sports.

Accommodations for visitors exist in abundance and the variety is very big. You can opt for a luxury hotel, a standard category hotel, a room in a restored traditional building a self-catering villa or small apartment. Citizens are very friendly and hospitable and will definitely make your say more pleasant. rethymno transfers

The features that make Rethymnon so unique are the magnificent monuments of its history apparent all over the town along with the lively atmosphere in its various neighbourhoods nowadays. The old part of the town is very well kept and you will have the opportunity to admire many restored buildings typical of the Renaissance period and the Venetian era.

The most important ones are the Venetian Loggia, now serving as information office of the Ministry of Culture, and the Rimondi Fountain located at a square in the centre of the old town. The most prominent and characteristic buildings of Rethymnon are the Fortezza, the impressive castle with the breathtaking view of the city constructed to serve as protection initially from the pirates and later on from the Turks, the Lighthouse, that dominates the old, scenic port the Nerantze mosque in the centre of the old town and the Great Gate.

The cultural life is also intense in Rethymnon. Visitors can admire monuments of the ancient Hellenic-Roman period in Rithymna in the Archaeological museum as well as around the city. Additionally, there is a very interesting folklore museum and many activities are organized by the University.

Numerous attractions await the visitor who wants to explore Rethymnon. The municipal gardens are a small oasis in the heart of the city where you can take a relaxing stroll.

Cafeterias, restaurants and tavernas are always buzzing with people and the selection to choose from is wide, many of which have an amazing view to the seashore.

Shops can be found in most neighbourhoods and they vary from commercial stores to satisfy almost any need to small traditional shops in picturesque local markets. When it comes to going out, Rethymnon is famous for its exciting nightlife scene in the summer season that includes modern bars, lively discos and nightclubs by the beach.

To take the maximum advantage of your stay in Rethymno, you should explore the wider area. To name a few of the places that should not be missed:

The ruins of the ancient Gortys and Phaistos, the heroic monastery of Arkadi, the lovely beach of Preveli and the monastery right above, the picturesque villages of Spili and Argiroupoli, the cities of Heralion and Chania and many traditional villages and exquisite beaches.

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