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Katakolon Tour

Ancient Olympia Archeological Site & Museum Tour by a Private Mini-Bus from Katakolon Port

Includes: Olympia archaeological site and museum, village of Olympia, Mercouri winery, free time
Duration: 4 hours
What to Expect

On our visit to Ancient Olympia, we’ll visit the Temple of Zeus, which once housed the gold and ivory statue of Zeus. Before it was destroyed by fire, the statue was listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. You’ll also see the original stadium and bouleuterion, which housed the council of citizens. After the Temple of Zeus we will travel 30-40 minutes away from the Katakolon Port to Olympia with our comfortable and air-conditioned minivan. On arrival you can explore Olympia at your own pace, or you can optionally request a licensed guide at the time of your booking. In order to visit the archaeological site and/or museum you will to purchase admission tickets at the entrance of the site. From the archaeological site it will take you a short walk to reach the museum which hosts many priceless exhibits, including marble statues from the Temple of Zeus and a unique statue of Hermes, carved by the ancient Greek sculptor Praxiteles. After visiting the site and museum we can make a short stop at the village of Olympia where you’ll have free time to explore and visit also the Mercouri winery.

What's Included
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  • All taxes

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