This is just a quick note to thank you for the outstanding service provided me upon arrival at Izmir airport. My flight was late and my mobile phone did not work in the region so I was afraid that the driver had left, but he did not. He was waiting patiently and all smiles. I thanked him profusely! His English was great and he was more than willing to tell me about the city as we drove to the hotel.
Sarah W.
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Izmir or else the "Pearl of the Aegean" is the third biggest city in Turkey, counting population of over 2 million inhabitants. It is also the second most important port of Turkey.
Nowadays Izmir is a modern city with a flourishing commercial and tourist economy. The modern city interacts with old Smyrna - as it was named before Turkish occupation – making an intriguing city to discover.

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A city with palm lined streets a massive bay, mountain surroundings that form a landscape of rare cityscapes with mild climate and fine hotels and resorts.

The remains of the ancient Smyrna and the later Greek civilizations have left the city with a cosmopolitan and historical aura, since it used to be one of the richest and most flourishing cities in Mediterranean. The city nowadays combines past and contemporary architecture elements and escapes the traditional Turkish style.

With broad boulevards and a long promenade with palm trees named Birince Kordon, Izmir is a city that has it all. The inhabitants enjoy long promenades with an easy living attitude that can be seen in the numerous cafes filled with people in the waterfront.

Izmir offers a good selection of culture and entertainment, such as the Izmir State Opera and Ballet, the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museums, many restaurants, bars and clubs both traditional and modern. Additionally the city hosts the International Izmir Festival (mid-June to mid-July) with plenty of music, performances and dance both.

Konak Square and Konak street with the famous clock tower that is also the symbol of the city should be the start points of your exploration.

Izmir is a lovely city with a magnificent coastline with pristine beaches. The history of Izmir goes back to around 3000 BC when the the city in Tepekule was founded by the Trojans. Izmir is one of the citites claiming to be Homer's birthplace.

In more recent history Izmir (Smyrna) lived days of great glory and wealth as it was cosmopolitan, trading center with Greek Orthodox, Jews and Muslims, and many languages were spoken amongst locals and visiting traders. The city of Smyrna was completely destroyed in 1922 when the Ottomans entered the city starting a 3-day bloody battle. Few remains of those days reveal the glorious past. 

izmir sightseeing:
Zeus Altar, Artemis Temple, ancient Ephesus, Clock Tower, The Hisar Mosque, the Hatuniye Mosque, the Kemeralti Mosque, the Kestane Bazaar Mosque, the Kizlaragasi Han, Bedesten, the Mirkelamoglu and Cakaloglu Inns

izmir city

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